About Us

It is a good luck to love your work, so we are lucky

We started in 2015 with a small outlet shop in Chania, which slowly evolved into a fashion e-shop.

Our aim is to offer you new proposals as well as timeless choices

We work with the intention of being true to each other and to all of you, to meet you and to offer you with love

We are Eva and Manolis, two brothers and two friends and we are lucky to share this journey with you

And for all of you who are wondering what whatalala means

We wanted our shop to explain in some way what we are feeling and support.

The optimism, the enthusiasm, the value given to us by the beautiful everyday things and the joy we get from people who love and inspire us !!! Perhaps whatalala is for you a word that does not mean something (although we hope in the future means a lot for you too) but surely listening to it causes you lots of smiles.

Whatever we do as a word is a bit tickling !!!